"I have the desire to create change and better conditions for creative artists in the hair and beauty industry and hope to see this happen in our salon and in my time in business."


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Seven years ago I opened Blush Girl Salon. Over the years I have faced many challenges and I have recognised so many areas where I have needed industry specific support that I just couldn't find. I have the desire, firstly, to create a thriving salon environment where we can shine a light on creative people as well as provide better working conditions. My long term and broader goal is to contribute to bettering and lifting the standard of our industry.

From sole trader to a staff of 10. I understand all the challenges we face, like how to find time to up skill ourselves and how the heck do we train our junior team members, to managing our social media but mostly I understand the importance of needing general mental health support as salon owners. That's why I have thoughtfully created these opportunities to share and talk with you about some of the things I've learnt and hopefully, ultimately, offer you some support and guidance. 

I know what you are going through and I certainly wish something like this existed for me five years ago.


Blush Girl opened in 2014. I opened as a sole trader with no intention to grow any bigger. My idea was to create the best possible experience, at an affordable price. With my quality training, background and my decision to start in a small location, I was able to achieve this.

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